Dec 08, 2010

The world may not be as black-and-white as Nathan Harger would lead you to believe, but no matter. The 34-year-old photographer's self-titled exhibition at Hasted Kraeutler, his first solo show, offers a breathtaking vision of power plants, structural strusses, abandoned ships, and other industrial sites in monochrome relief. Harger hails from Cleveland, and that city's Rust Belt decay has made a significant impression on the artist. While earlier work, consisting of multiple photographs arranged in grid format, is represented in this show, most of the pictures on view are high-contrast shots of spaces in the outer boroughs of New York City, New Jersey and Western Pennsylvania. In views of hulking monoliths such as Untitled (Process Tank), Brooklyn, NY (2010, above), Harger presents his subjects in a sterile, almost two-dimensional style that makes their rugged outlines all the more impressive.