Cool Hunting

Andreas Gefeller

Mar 07, 2007

by Jonah Samson

Like another German photographer named Andreas, Andreas Gefeller ‘s very large-scale color photographs are both beautifully simple and crammed with detail. By rigging his camera from a height of 6-7 feet and at a 90-degree angle to a surface, he photographs every inch of his chosen environment. He then transforms all the images into a grid, which are stitched together digitally to form the final photograph. Although the details are familiar (lottery tickets scattered over cobblestone streets, baby chickens on a farm, newspapers on the stairs), his technique flattens spaces that are normally 3-dimensional and makes them look foreign. The Dusseldorf native’s first North American show is now on view at Hasted HuntGallery in New York through 14 April 2007. Click above images for detail.