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Best in Show: Andreas Gefeller

Mar 01, 2007

Best in show: Andreas Gefeller

Using a camera mounted just above head level, Gefeller photographs the ground immediately in front of him, taking four steps before repeating the process over large distances. The individual images are then digitally stitched into faux-aerial shots of complex patterns, such as a racetrack grandstand littered with discarded betting slips, cigarette butts, and racing forms; only the fact that the cups, bottles and racing railing appear in varying perspectives exposes the artist’s mosaic method. One five-foot-wide image documents an area large enough to hold a dozen cars- the cracked, stained yellow pavement of this paris parking lot possesses the engaging texture of an abstract painting.

Hasted Hunt, 529 W 20th, 212-627-0006. Through April 14.